Pragmatic, pedagogical and science-based Personal and Corporate development solutions that delivers quantifiable and sustainable outcomes.

Increasing Corporate productivity through personell  well-being   

Hacking the creative process and boosting innovation with alternate states of mind.
Facilitation for innovation based on a deep understanding of mental processes and use of skillful manipulation of group dynamics and energy levels.  Adaptation of participants state of mind to the different phases of the creative process with contemplative techniques. 

Conscious conference
Boost efficiency and increase presence with our program for smarter conferencing. Recommended for important meetings, processes and whenever demands on mental ability are high. Bring out the best in your team when it really matters. 

Lead with mindfulness & Be a mindful team member
Mindfulness is often regarded as something soft and nice to have; we disagree, It’s a “must have” in order to build creative-, productive teams and foster effective decision-making. Contemplative training, done right, improves a wide array of mental faculties including convergent
and divergent thinking.

Happiness in the workspace
The key to achieve goals, stimulate creativity and manage conflicts that can arise from basic people interaction, lies in unlocking the positive qualities that are innate in each and every one of us.
In these modules we teach individuals and teams how to create a happiness-oriented-work-culture and the habits that supports it. This module is an important aspect for developing a flourishing work-place.

Empathy and Emotion skills
The importance of emotions should never be underestimated from any perspective, be it that of a corporation seeking quantifiable outcomes when creating organisation across different cultures, or an individual striving to find the right balance between personal and professional growth. 
The basis for empathy comes from understanding emotions, which constitute "the spice" of both your personal and professional life.

Trust and compassion
In organizations with a high degree of trust and compassion, the quality of human connections are higher. Human connection is a key business driver and fundamental for delivering high quality services. Compassion is an important factor in building trust, which also positively impacts innovation and creativity, recruitment and commitment, as well as increasing overall Well-being. 

Investing into the concept of Trust directly correlates with OpEx in many multinational corporations, from general legal costs to the actual peripheral costs of personnel. 

High integrity

A Life long journey
At Empaticus, we know that Personal development is a journey through out one’s whole life.
By always focusing on supporting the individual throughout their journey, we are creating a high integrity mobile platform that allows for the individual to Connect and Intelligently interact with other people as well as be in control of their own "Development Journey" in order to to attract the type of career opportunities they most aspire to and are most suited for.

Avatar + Tamagotchi
The AvaGotchi Application is a merger between the online concept of an Avatar and the phenomenon of the TamaGotchi Digital “beings” created in late 1996; when merged serves as the Individuals continuous personal development tool as well as the Key to interact with others in VR environments. The more you nurture and invest into your own development, the greater your personal growth and if you so wish and choose, your professional development. 


By being a genuinely responsible corporate citizen, a company will always strengthen its brand, while at the same time attract and retain the right type of highly motivated HR.

At Empaticus we know that the employees of today, consumers as well as B2B customers, wants to better understand a company's impact on the world it operates in. They want to know to what degree a company is being a responsible corporate citizen. These type of questions, from all stakeholders,
will today, as well as in the future, continue to impact how employees, consumers and corporate customers choose who they will work with, work for or purchase from.

Empaticus emphasises that it is Profitable to do the right thing in a Sustainable manner throughout all business areas and practises - simply by being Genuine.
What many corporations forget when defining CSR standards is that they must first and foremost win the hearts and minds of their own future ambassadors, their own greatest assets......their people. 

Empaticus will support you in creating Genuine CSR strategies and innovative activities to implement and reach your targets. That work begins with involving your HR from day one. 
By realising the importance of inclusion from the beginning, CSR strategies will become successful,
your team members will become more vested in the CSR outcomes and loyalty and engagement will increase across the board.

Genuine CSR merged with HR will generate growth, enhance profitability and most important of all
create a Sustainable social and environmental impact.


Imagine if you could ReInvent recruitment by creating position-relevant-challenges for the job applicant to complete in a Virtual environment, in order to become eligible to submit their CV
or be called to an interview. 

Imagine if your are able to assess your existing personnels Abilities, match these abilities with potential operational roles in order to optimise future team constellations, all simulated in a Virtual environment. 

Imagine if you are able to incentivise the best and brightest around the world to help you solve your innovation challenges and achieve an outcome, enable individuals, NGOs, universities and corporations to collaborate and be rewarded in a new VR based economy. 

This saves time, effort and resources, and it it is just a couple of the many ways to operate in the Empaticus VR world.

Empaticus develops bespoke VR based training missions and environments, for a broad range of areas such as team-building, ability matching, development of pro-social skills as well as mindfulness, compassion and empathy training. 

The key that unlocks these VR environments is our AvaGotchi application, which empowers the Individual to allow or decline access to his/her data; seamlessly integrating mobile and virtual reality technologies for purpose based activities.